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What is refinishing?

Refinishing is like giving an old car a new factory like finish. We apply our finish over many different types of surfaces. The materials we use are made from a high grade aerospace epoxy, the same originally designed by NASA for the space shuttle.  

Why refinish?

Refinishing can save you 10x the amount of money compared to that of replacing. Typically it takes one day compared to several weeks without the use of your bathroom.

For a quick estimate please email photos to with your name, phone number, and address (or neighborhood).

Below find information on Surfaces we refinish, Testimonials, FAQs, our 5 Year Limited Warranty, Maintenance, the Refinishing Process, General Pricing, and how to prepare before any scheduling. 

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The Tub Doctors of Hawai'i

350 Ward Ave, Suite 106, Honolulu, HI 96814

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Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm

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Surfaces we refinish

Bathtubs – porcelain, cast iron, or fiberglass

Surrounding walls – tile, corian,  fiberglass

Standalone showers – tile, corian, fiberglass





" These guys went above and beyond. My 50 old year tub and the tiles above it were in pretty bad condition. They looked almost daunted by it initially, but were able to fix it up and resurface it. They had to put in a lot more time than usual in the prep work and patching, but only charged a small amount extra for the time. They even recommended me a solution for some missing tilework that saved me about $400 which they could have earned. "

-Andrew W.

Honolulu, HI

"Jeff and the crew are great. Good communicators, they don't don't leave their customers 'waiting and wondering.'"

Kahalu'u, Kaneohe 

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Q: Is there a difference between refinishing or resurfacing?

A: It's two different names for the same process.

Q: Is the smell strong when spraying?

A: We add a fragrance to our paint to mask the smell.

Q: Are you a local company?

A: Yes! We live here here in the islands and are not a franchise.

Q: What's the quickest way to receive an estimate?

A: Please email photos to . Your quote will be based off what is shown. Please take one photo from a distance and close ups of anything we would notice if we were there.


5 Year Limited Warranty

All of our work comes with a 5 year warranty which will protect you against any peeling, flaking, bubbling, and lifting. Any of these defects happen during this period of time we’ll fix it free of charge, no questions asked.  It doesn’t protect you from misuse or negligence.

NEVER put any tape on the surface or use bathmats with suction cups. We recommend drawer liners found at longs in the kitchen section for roughly $4 or Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $12. The benefits to drawer liners are they are machine washable. 

No matter how many times the property changes hands our warranty is still valid for that 5 year period. 


Regardless if the surface has been refinished or not if you wipe it down with a towel it will save you time cleaning later. We like to say an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of the cure. No water, no mildew. It’s not necessary but recommended to not let water sit on surface for more than an hour.

The surface is similar to a car finish. You would never use a brillo pad, any powders, or straight bleach to wash a car. Don’t use them with your new surface. 

We recommend cleaning with Simple Green and a soft sponge. It’s cheap, you can find it everywhere, and it works! For tougher cleaning you can use a rag made from t-shirt material or a paper towel. Fantastik works well as does any product from Melaleuca since they’re all organic. 

If you get a stain you can use a bleach solution: 30% bleach 70% water, NEVER straight bleach.

Leaky faucets must be repaired. They will leave a stain if a consistent drip is there just like with sinks. 

If anything does happen, your fault or ours call us IMMEDIATELY! We don’t want small problems turning into big ones.  

Refinishing Process

We have to clean surface to remove soap scum, mold, debris, and any other contaminants.

Then we sand the surface to ensure it is rough enough for our primer to adhere to and smooth enough to be consistent all over.

We then sterilize the bathroom of dust to ensure the least amount falls on surface.

Next we tape and mask around the surface to prevent our finish going anywhere we don’t want it.

Lay tarps and mask on any flat surfaces to prevent over-spray.

Setup exhaust system for our safety and to remove fumes from the bathroom.

Apply primer which takes 20 minutes to activate

Spray our finish on the surface using a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) system.

Remove tarps and seal the bathroom.

Bathroom must remain sealed for 12 hours to cure. No one is to enter during this time! Flushing a toilet or turning a sink on can result in water vapor getting into the air and disturb the curing process. Just standing in the room creates dust which we don’t want falling on the refinished surface.


Typically we start at 9-10am and jobs will take 3-7 hours depending on labor.

We will come back the next day to finish up at a scheduled time that works best for everyone. Our return visit usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour.


 Assuming the job is to our satisfaction we’ll have you inspect it and then take full payment by check or cash. 

If you wish to pay by credit card we must be paid in full 1 business day before we walk on job site and there is a 3% service fee. 

(Some Realtors or contractors unable to pay 100% upon completion – we must have 50% deposit before we walk on job-site reaming 50% ASAP after) 

Determining your type of surface

Is your bathtub cast iron, porcelain, or fiberglass? 

If you don’t know knock on it.  

PORCELAIN feels hard and cold to the touch and, when you knock on it, it sounds like it is a heavy, thick metal under the usually white finish.

CAST IRON feels cold to the touch. The sound when knocking on it indicates a somewhat thin, hard, hollow metal. It is the same material seen in gas stoves.

FIBERGLASS feels and sounds like hollow “plastic” when you knock on it.

General Pricing

Before any scheduling

Please email billing/contact info, job site address, payment used, and that you acknowledge that you have read and fully comprehend this section. This must be done before we can commit to scheduling any work.

Is there any other work being done in the bathroom? We want to be the LAST CONTRACTORS in the bathroom. If you just bought a new car would you want contractors working around it? 

Most of the time we prefer to remove fixtures so we can spray behind them. If we are unable to do so we will mask around them. We are NOT LICENSED PLUMBERS! (We assume no liability and suggest you contact a plumber if you wish)

Are there any drips? One drip can ruin the new finish. Have all plumbing issues addressed before us!

Was there anything not shown in the pictures emailed or we need to know about? Have you reviewed our prices? We don't want to walk on to the jobsite and raise the price due to a miscommunication. We do not want to raise prices once we’ve given a firm quote. Only thing that may raise price is if there is rust under a previous finish that we are stripping.

Please make sure the bathroom is completely cleared out:

Anything you may need; toothpaste, medication, etc.  Since you won’t be able to go in for 12 hours.

If you don’t need items i.e., cleaning supplies you can put them away in cabinets.

Anything valuable such as paintings or jewelry. We do not want to be held liable for damage.

For condos/apartment buildings:

What are the working hours?

We are NOT quiet!  Sanding, spraying, and using the exhaust make a lot of noise.

Where do we park? Are you providing a spot for us or is there contractor parking? Parking is important to us since our paint is an epoxy and has short shelf life. If it's paid parking we prefer it's paid for ahead of time, otherwise we'll add it to the invoice. 

May we have the resident manager’s contact info?

Please understand if you need to change or cancel an appointment there is a $100 cancellation fee per day. 

Realtors, property managers, and landlords:

We suggest giving the tenants a copy of the warranty. It has all the do’s & don’ts, and we suggest that the tenant be liable for the new surface. If they don’t follow instructions take it out of their security deposit.